Rottweiler Vs Doberman: Dogs Comparison

There are as many similarities as there are differences between the Rottweiler, lovingly called “Rottie” and Doberman, also known as “Dobbie.”Both the breeds are really smart and were originally bred to become guard dogs. So, both are working dogs and require large spaces in which they can exercise and spread their legs. Both dog’s first breeding originated in Germany. Both the dogs are quite watchful, obedient, devoted, and hardworking.

However, with all these similarities, the thing to remember even with all these similarities these dogs are totally different dogs. So, let’s jump in and chart out the differences of Rottweiler vs. Doberman regarding their looks, temperaments, and much more.

Let us first understand about each dog individually:

Doberman Pinscher, informally known as the Doberman, are muscular, sturdy, and strong. Although he is a working dog, he makes a great house and family dog as well. This is one of the most common dogs in the world. The breed in Germany during the year 1980, and was originally bred by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. The reason for this breed’s popularity is because he is alert, bright, loyal, and truthful.

Historically, this dog was preferred by the Police, but now we see the dog being kept as family members. This is especially so as they are known for their staunch loyalty and obedience. The best thing about this breed is that they engage and form different relationships with each member of the household. The thing that separates them from other dogs is that this breed is quite speedy and is over excitable. They love their families and would go to every length (many times even giving up their lives) to save their families from harm.

The Rottweil butchers, popularly known as the Rottweiler, is comparatively bulky and stocky and are usually found as house dogs. This breed was among the first dogs to be trained for herding. While the origin of this breed is not documented, many believe that the breed descended from the Drover dogs who were found in ancient Rome. This breed has proudly served in both the world wars. They were trained to fulfill various roles like messengers, security dogs, ensuring safety, assisting with shifting of the wounded, and much more. The way to know a Rottie is that he has a broad head is heavy in built and is a bit sticky. He looks self-assured, proud, and noble. His endurance, agility, and strength help him be a great dog, once who can work as a guard, a protector or even a herder.

Doberman pinscher vs. Rottweiler:

Doberman Rottweiler
Proper Breed Name Doberman Pinscher Rottweil Butchers
Fondly Called us Dobbie




Country of Origin Germany Not known, but some believe ancestors came from ancient Greece
Weight for an average male dog 34 to 41 kg 50 to 60 kg
Weight for an average female dog 27 to 36 kg 35 to 48 kg
Height of an average male dog 68 cm 61 to 69 cm
Height of an average female dog 63 cm 56 to 63 cm
Life 10 to 13 years 9 to 10 years
Originally bred for: Guarding Protecting/ Herding
Color Black, white, red,  brown, blue, or fawn black and mahogany or tan
Qualities that the dog is known for: Intelligent, alert, skillful, trainable, and loyal Extremely loyal, hard working, and obedient
Looks Strong, large, and a muscular structure. Sturdy and robust build.
Coat Sleek Short Coat and no undercoat
Tail Fairly long tail. Some dogs have their tail cut. Although this tail used to be cut earlier. The practice is not followed so regularly. Same as Doberman. Although cutting of tail is illegal, it is still practiced.
The shape of the ear Erect ears. Unfortunately, just like the tail, many crop their ears at birth as well, even though it is illegal. Thankfully, a Rottie’s ears are not cut off. They are in a triangle like shape and are set higher and are quite apart from each other.
The shape of their eyes Very kind loving and brown in color. Medium sized and brown
Intelligence Extremely intelligent. They Are total problem solvers. Very earthy intelligent. They are hardworking and resilient as well.

On the whole, you can see that while both the dogs are similar, they are also different in looks. They are both hardworking and intelligent and can do wonders as both working dogs as well as house dogs. Although they look entirely different from each other, either of them would prove to be great companions. If you are looking to compare Rottweiler or Doberman, both are excellent sturdy pets who would be a part of your family forever.

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