Border Collie Vs. Australian Shepherd: Which is the best breed for you?

The Australian Shepherd or the Little Blue Dog and the Border Collie which also known as the Sheep Dog are quite different. Where the former was first bred in the United States, the later originated in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Check the comparison between both of them here and decide which is the best breed for you.

Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd

  • Character Traits: Australian Shepherds are affectionate, loyal, responsible, protective, and loving. While Border Collies are loyal, active, intelligent, and alert.
  • Breed: While Australian Shepherds are pure breeds, the Border Collies are medium pure breeds.
  • Colors: Australian Shepherds come in red, black, and Merle and the Border Collies come in black, red, blue, gray, and brindle.
  • Exercise Requirement: In order to keep them healthy, both the breeds will need regular and daily exercise.
  • Grooming Need: Both the dogs have moderate grooming needs.
  • Life Expectancy: On an average, the Border Collie lives up to ten years while the Australian Shepherd lives up to twelve years.
  • Tendency to Bark: The Border Collie tends to bark quite frequently while the Australian Shepherd barks only occasionally.
  • Family Friendliness: Both the breeds gel well with kids and other animals, so they would have no problem adjusting to your family as well as any other animals that you might have.
  • Hunting/chasing Need: The Australian Shephard has a high hunting drive, so they are prone to chasing smaller animals, but this trait is missing in the Border Collie.


Popularity at the American Kennel Club

If we look at the data that has been acquired from over the years, the Australian Shepherd ranks at number sixteen while the Border Collie ranks at number thirty-eight.

Coat Type

The Australian Shephard has a medium coat that is water repellent, while the Border Collie also has a medium coat, its texture is quite harsh, dense and rough.

Physical Appearance

Both can grow up to twenty-three inches. When you compare weights of Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd, the later weighs around 50- 65 lbs, while the former is on the lighter side by weighing around 30-45 lbs.

Appropriate for New Owners

Australian Shepherds require a certain level of experience, so they are not the best bet for new owners, but the Border Collies would work perfectly with new owners.


The training requirement for Australian Shepherd is quite high. If left untrained, it could become aggressive. But a Border Collie has a gentle temperament. Although it also requires training, the consequences of not training would not be as bad. Which is why this is one more reason why Australian Shepherds should not be first pets.

All in all, when you compare Australian Shepherd Vs Border Collie, you can see that while both are pretty much the same in temperament, the former would be a great first dog while the later would be best suited for people who have experience with energetic and aggressive dogs.

The Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd comparison here has been made to help you make an informed choice. Please look through other articles on our site, or contact us if you want a specific breed information.

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